Welcome to the All New Mitch Henck Show

Whether you listened to Mitch for the past 12 years on WIBA or are new to his brand of “uncommon sense”, WELCOME! Mitch is thrilled to be at the mic again talking politics, culture, history, media, education, religion and the really important stuff like standup comedy, professional golf and college basketball. The Mitch Man will be “outside the box” between 8:00 and 11:00 a.m. Monday through Friday. Thanks for listening and please encourage friends and family to tune in!

You can also take The New Mitch Henck Show wherever you go by using your laptop, tablet or smart phone. Just go to www.mitchhenck.com. You can also watch Mitch stir the pot on his daily video/podcast for The Wisconsin State Journal.

Get “Two Minutes with Mitch” Monday through Friday at madison.com.

The Mitch Henck Show can be heard just as easily and clearly in China or Iceland as it is in Madison…so if you’re going go thousands of miles away…don’t forget your phone.

Listen live from 8 to 11am weekdays at mitchhenck.com… or … at 92.1 FM The Mic in Madison, Wisconsin. You can also hear podcasts of Mitch’s shows 24/7. Give Mitch a call to be on the show live at 608-210-1667 or toll free at 844-34-MITCH.